Mailboxes and administratives tasks

Extras AAGIS can provide

Whether you travel within France or abroad,or short or longer periods with AAGIS you customers and providers can keep in touch with you on a permanenent basis.

Your mail can be dealt with on a daily basis or follow you daily wherever you are.
All your administrative needs are permanently followed up ( eg, your cash deposits, or bank cheques regularly cashed into your account).
No mail remains unattended.
No bad surprises, you can follow the evolution of you company live.
An attendant will always be available to cater for your needs and your requirements.

Whenever you are presentin AAGIS we can provide you with a personnal office, fully equipped, meeting rooms for periods ranging from half a day to one month to one year.

A flexible organization which will enables you to make real saving regarding logistics.

Expenses reduced to a minimum, increased profitability, a consumption based on the actual activity of the company.

The business center is open to all.


Whether you are self employed, small business or multinational, we will be able to offer you the services in keeeping with your activity.

Alongside our local activity we have many customers throughout France, but also in Germany, USA, Turkey, China, and also our neighbours, lots of italian customers.

Through the reputation we managed to get over the years we can offer you a wide range of extra services alongside our basic activities, such as national and international transportation, stock management, merchandise going out and coming in and all the necessary structure to carry out and expand your activity. You will then save on time and money while setting up your business.

The Administrative Tasks


Administrative Tasks

  • Administrative formalities
  • Helps you prepare, pick up, and hand over a file
  • Helps you with writing out your mails.
  • Administrative mails
  • Set up of schedule of repayments.

AAGIS helps you with your business

  • Estimates, bills and follow up
  • Mailing
  • Routing

AAGIS your ressource center.

  • Documentation research
  • Research on Internet
  • Linking up with your various business partners.

Domiciliation d’entreprise à Nice, PACA

Our prices are calculated as tight as possible according to the services you have chosen
As the way your company is perceived is important… Mailbox service offers you:

  • a professional address.
  • an environnement : Your company is located in the heart of a business park
  • A flexible and adaptable solution


Office registration
Receiving and handing over mail and registred mails
Annual tarif HT   528,00 €
Extra charge for forwarding the mails (Once a week) Yearly extra charge HT   240,00 €
Opening a line + Call forwarding Yearly extra charge HT   144,00 €

Because it is important to be in contact with your customers

You extends the visibility of your company as you have an extra business address close to your customers. You also have a meeting point to accomodate your customers.

The link to your customers should not be broken…

lAAGIS Mailbox service offers you:

processing and forwarding your mails

a reception area for your business appointments

a meeting room, rechercher

offices equipped